Synthetic teak is a non-porous and resin-based product that could be characterized as faux teak, wood-like or wood-look. Synthetic teak is very popular due to its rich and stylish look and its novelty to the outdoor furniture market. Synthetic teak came on to the scene in 2013 and reached popularity after a successful selling season in 2014. The synthetic teak line of chairs, arm chairs, side chairs, and table bases is poised to be another top seller for 2015. This means that hotels and restaurants looking to invest in stylish furniture will not have to worry about synthetic teak falling out of style.

Here are the elements that comprise synthetic teak furniture from the hardware to the synthetic teak itself:

Synthetic teak slats. In an effort to resemble natural hardwood teak the synthetic teak resin is fabricated into wood-looking slats that are evenly placed across the seat of the chair, the back of the chair or across the table top.

The aluminum frame. The aluminum frame holds the synthetic teak slacks into place and provides structural support for the weight on the seat of the chair or top of the table. It also adds aesthetic value as being the finishing touch.

  • The hardware for synthetic teak is stainless steel. Because synthetic teak is an outdoor and durable furniture product, stainless steel must be used to whether outdoor conditions. Hex bolts are used to secure the synthetic teak slats to the aluminum frame.
  • The legs of synthetic teak side chairs, arm chairs, and barstools are a light weight but solid gauge aluminum material. This gives the chair durability against windy beach conditions as well as resistance to stains, cracking and other effects of being outside. On the bottom of the legs are plastic glides to reduce friction between the legs of the chair and the ground. They are replaceable and also offer protection to the aluminum frame.

Synthetic take outdoor furniture can come in many stylish lines and finishes. For aluminum frame and synthetic teak there is a solid black frame finish or a mat titanium finish. There's also an option to have a synthetic rattan frame for the tabletop or chair to offer a fine, finished look over an aluminum frame.

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